exhibitions / screenings

‘John Smith: Films in Sheep’s Clothing’
Alma Zevi Gallery, Venice, Italy
(‘Steve Hates Fish’, ‘Dad’s Stick’, ‘Om’, ‘The Girl Chewing Gum’ 8/5-22/7/17)

‘John Smith: Dad’s Stick’
Kunstmuseum Magdeburg, Germany
(‘Dad’s Stick’ 8/2-26/3/17)

‘The Man Girl Phoning Chewing Mum Gum’
Tanya Leighton Gallery, Berlin, Germany
(‘The Man Phoning Mum’, ‘The Girl Chewing Gum’ 25/1-22/2/17)

‘John Smith: The Girl Chewing Gum’
LOOK Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
(‘The Girl Chewing Gum’ 8/6-20/7/16)

‘John Smith’
Kate MacGarry, London, England
(‘Steve Hates Fish’, ‘White Hole’, ‘Dad’s Stick’, ‘Associations’, 29/4-28/5/16. John Smith in conversation with Erika Balsom 21/5/16)

‘John Smith: Hotel Diaries’
Wolverhampton Art Gallery, England
(‘Hotel Diaries’ seven monitor installation 27/2-7/5/16, with artist’s talk and screening of ‘Flag Mountain’ and ‘Blight’ 10/3/16)

‘Sign Language’
Tanya Leighton Gallery, Berlin, Germany
(‘White Hole’, ‘Steve Hates Fish’ 25/11/15-27/2/16)

‘John Smith: Is it True’
Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig, Germany
(‘Dad’s Stick’, ‘Lost Sound’, ‘The Kiss’, ‘Fan’, ‘The Girl Chewing Gum’, ‘Associations’ 5/9-1/11/15)

‘Synchronicity: John Smith’
Vita Kuben, Umea, Sweden
(‘The Girl Chewing Gum’ 21/8-26/9/15. Part 1 of a 3 part exhibition featuring works by John Smith, Josef Rabakowski and Junebum Park)

‘Frames: John Smith’
Museum für Neue Kunst, Freiburg, Germany
(‘Gargantuan’ 1-19/7/15. Part 1 of a 3 part exhibition featuring works by John Smith, Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook and Mark Wallinger)

‘Unlimited: John Smith – The Girl Chewing Gum’
Haubrok Foundation, Berlin, Germany
(‘The Girl Chewing Gum’ 1-3/5/15)

‘Dad’s Stick’
Suburban PS, Rotterdam, Netherlands
(‘Dad’s Stick’ 5-19/1/15)

‘White Hole’
The Gallery, Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne, England
(‘White Hole’ 28/11/14-11/1/15)

‘Le Baiser’ / ‘The Kiss’
‘La Galerie, Centre d’Art Contemporain de Noisy-le-Sec, Paris, France
(‘White Hole’, ‘Dad’s Stick’, ‘unusual Red cardigan’, ‘Worst Case Scenario’, ‘Lost Sound’, ‘The Kiss’, ‘Gargantuan’, ‘The Black Tower’, ‘Om’, ‘The Girl Chewing Gum’ 27/9-13/12/14.  John Smith in conversation with Emilie Bujès and Lili Reynaud-Dewar 29/11/14)

‘The Black Tower’
LULU, Mexico City, Mexico
(‘The Black Tower’ 12/4-18/5/14)

‘The Girl Chewing Gum’
Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
(‘The Girl Chewing Gum’ 28/2-19/4/14)

‘John Smith: A Survey of Works, 1975-2012’
Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury Christ Church University, England
(rotating programme of selected works 16/1-13/2/14)

Figge von Rosen Gallery, Cologne, Germany
(‘Associations’, ‘The Black Tower’, ‘Lost Sound’ 21/6-10/8/13)

‘The Girl Chewing Gum’
Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporanea, Lisbon, Portugal
(‘The Girl Chewing Gum’ 7-10/3/13)

‘Object Lessons’
Tanya Leighton Gallery, Berlin, Germany
(‘Dad’s Stick’, ‘unusual Red cardigan’, ‘Home Suite’ 1/2-9/3/13)

‘The Black Tower’
Ferens Art Gallery, Hull, England
(‘The Black Tower’ 29/9-4/11/12)

‘Horizon: Five Pounds a Belgian’
Turner Contemporary, Margate, England
(‘Horizon’ 1-17/6/12)

‘The Girl Chewing Gum’
Le Bal, Paris, France
(‘The Girl Chewing Gum’ 12/5-19/8/12)

Kestnergesellschaft, Hannover, Germany
(‘Hotel Diaries’ 7 monitor installation, ‘The Black Tower’, ‘Gargantuan’, ‘Om’, ‘The Kiss’ 22/2-29/4/12)

‘Slow Glass’
Tanya Leighton Gallery, Berlin, Germany
(‘Slow Glass’, ‘The Kiss’ 10/2-3/3/12)

‘Hotel Diaries’
Grand Hotel Atlantic, Bremen, Germany
(‘Hotel Diaries’ room installation, 4 and 18/2/12)

‘Worst Case Scenario’
Weserburg Museum of Modern Art, Bremen, Germany
(‘Worst Case Scenario’, ‘Lost Sound’, ‘Blight’, ‘The Girl Chewing Gum’, ‘Associations’ 21/1-25/3/12)

‘John Smith: Short Films’
Uppsala Art Museum, Sweden
(‘Blight’, ‘Om’, ‘The Kiss’, ‘The Girl Chewing Gum’ 25/10-27/11/11)

‘unusual Red cardigan’
PEER Gallery, London, England
(mixed media installation 5/10-10/12/11)

‘Art Feature: John Smith’
Art | 42 | Basel, Switzerland
(‘Associations’, ‘The Girl Chewing Gum’, ‘Om’ 15-19/6/11)

‘The Girl Chewing Gum’
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, USA
(‘The Girl Chewing Gum’ 3/3-1/5/11)

‘The World Seems A Long Way Away’
Pallas Projects, Dublin, Ireland
(‘Hotel Diaries’ series, ‘The Girl Chewing Gum’, ‘The Black Tower’, ‘Slow Glass’, ‘Blight’ 2/3-3/4/11)

‘Lost Sound’
Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Missouri, USA
(‘Lost Sound’ 23/11-5/12/10)

Kunstbunker, Nuremberg, Germany
(‘Hotel Diaries’ series, ‘Lost Sound’, ‘Slow Glass’, ‘The Kiss’, ‘Double Shutter’, ‘The Girl Chewing Gum’ 30/9-7/11/10)

‘The Offset, Aside, But’ (Part 4)
Kunstsaele Berlin, Germany
(‘Shepherd’s Delight – an ananalysis of humour’ 26/6-10/7/10)

‘Flag Mountain / Black Tower’
Tanya Leighton Gallery, Berlin, Germany
(‘Flag Mountain’, ‘The Black Tower’, ‘Dirty Pictures (Hotel Diaries #7)‘ 12/6-24/7/10)

‘Worst Case Scenario’
Gallery 210, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
(‘Worst Case Scenario’ 1/4-29/5/10)

‘John Smith: Solo Show’
Royal College of Art Galleries, London, England
(retrospective exhibition of 22 installed works 19/3-13/4/10)

‘I’m Lying, I Promise’
Sala Diaz Gallery, San Antonio, Texas, USA
(rotating screening of 19 works 26/2-28/3/10)

‘John Smith: Selected Films and Videos’
Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, England
(‘Associations’, ‘The Girl Chewing Gum’, ‘Om’, ‘The Black Tower’, ‘Gargantuan’, ‘Regression’, ‘Lost Sound’, ‘Frozen War’, ‘Museum Piece’, ‘Throwing Stones’ 13/7-20/8/06)

‘John Smith – London and Other Worlds’
Kunstmuseum Magdeburg, Germany
(13 film and video works  23/1-13/3/05)

‘Black and White Lies’
Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, England
‘Worst Case Scenario’, ‘The Black Tower’, ‘The Girl Chewing Gum’ 11/10-22/11/03)

‘John Smith’
Pearl Gallery, London, England
(installed works and weekly film programme 17/5-9/6/02)