Home Suite

(1993-94) SD video, 96 mins, colour, sound
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Home Suite is a close-up journey through a domestic landscape and a journey through memory.  Playing upon ambiguity and the unseen, the tape uses physical details of the space to trigger fragmented verbal descriptions of associated memories.

“John Smith takes us on a real time tour of the home from which he is being evicted, chronicling the history of the everyday items he has lived with and bringing them back to life.  Reminiscences of the emotional scenes which have been played out on the stair carpet, the confusion of trying to remember who brought each of the many toothbrushes, and the problems of decorating the kitchen, are both hilarious and poignant.  The ephemera and detritus of everyday life as seen through the eyes of a comic genius.” Abina Manning, ‘Pandaemonium’  festival catalogue 1996.

“The space gradually fills with its history: complex, eccentric, funny, until it has become a kind of monumental environment, about which epic stories could be told for ever more.  The work serves to remind us about the complexities of the history of even simple spaces and objects, a complexity to which most films do not even begin to do justice.”    Nicky Hamlyn,  ‘John Smith’s Local Locations’ 2003


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